Hire A Plumber Service You Can Trust!

Are you tired of waiting for eternity before your plumber responds to your calls? We know how it feels — hundreds of other people do. Fortunately, there's a solution at your fingertips. At Crown Heights Plumbing Company, we guarantee a 24 hour plumber schedule throughout the seven days of the week. What does this mean? You'll always find us at your service whenever you need plumbing assistance! As if that's not enough, our company renders a full-range plumbing service list. We render any sort of help you need.

Our Services

Our shop handles various plumbing projects. Examples are faucet installation, water heater installation, boiler installation, and HVAC installation. Also, we undertake appliance repair such as gas furnace repair, clogged drain, shower repair, baseboard repair, heating repairs, burst pipe repair, and gas boiler repair. Know what's better? You may reach out to us for other services not mentioned here!